WordPress Cloud Hosting

Host Your WordPress Website In The Cloud

WordPress Cloud Hosting providers offer significant advantages over WordPress hosting on a shared server, virtual private server or dedicated server.  Lets have a look at how WordPress cloud hosting can assist you.

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WordPress is a powerful open source CMS (Content Management System – online software that helps you create a website or blog).  WordPress is enormously popular because of its ease of use, flexibility and the high quality of website it can create.  WordPress offers thousands of plugins and themes to help extend the functionality and improve the appearance of your website with minimal coding experience.

WordPress Power Users May Benefit From Cloud Web Hosting

WordPress Web Hosting requires a good quality server with fairly high available memory and up to date server scripts such as recent versions of PHP, especially when you are implementing the more powerful WordPress plugins which can really take your website to the next level.

While most cloud web hosts can run basic WordPress, when you have a large site, or a lot of visitors, or want to run more resource intensive plugins, a cheap shared hosting plan will not be able to keep up.
This is where a cloud web host can really shine: the server resources are effectively unlimited so your web site can deal with a massive surge in traffic or run very powerful plugins which can help your site offer the best experience to your users.

Speed and reliability can have a big impact on your visitor experience and even your search engine rankings.  People are so impatient now, they won’t wait even 10 seconds for your site to load.  If it takes more than a few seconds they are already getting impatient.  Likewise, if your website is ever down or malfunctioning, visitors are much less likely to come back.  Google knows this, so it strongly rewards fast loading sites with better search engine rankings, and penalises slower sites or those that have regular downtime.  Thus cloud web hosting can help your website’s SEO.

Can Any Cloud Web Host Run WordPress?

Not all cloud web hosts are well set up to run WordPress well.  Many advanced wordpress plugins require specific server settings which just aren’t standard for the hosting company.  Unless they have in depth experience with WordPress, they won’t be able to help you troubleshoot your WordPress problems.

WordPress Installation on your Web Hosting Server

While wordpress is fairly easy to install for those used to server management, some web hosts make it even easier by having automatic scripts which install a basic version of WordPress on your cloud server.

Some wordpress cloud hosting providers go one step further and either install WordPress for you or even deliver a fully configured wordpress installation on your server.

Do I need cloud web hosting for my WordPress site?

If your site is just a basic wordpress install, then you won’t necessarily need cloud hosting.   However if your site is going to get a large amount of traffic (such as a product launch, or if you are quoted by a major online website) or if your website is actually making you money, then you want to be sure your site is running as fast as possible, all the time.  When you can’t afford for your site to crash every time you get 10 visitors at once then you need WordPress cloud web hosting.